PT Atlas Petrochem Indo is an authorized distributor of Idemitsu lubricant products. We distribute world-class lubricants, both for the industrial and automotive market. Established in 1996, now our distribution points are spread throughout Indonesia with a total of 62 distribution points. Our commitment continuously maintain product quality has enabled us to successfully disseminate and distribute Idemitsu products in 34 provinces. In order to meet consumer needs, we guarantee product availability at each of our distribution points. The products we offer cover three categories, including: maintenance oil, heat treatment oil, and grease to answer all the needs of consumers.



Idemitsu products are made from selected raw materials that are imported and manufactured with Idemitsu own formulation. Products are stored by prioritizing the quality of the storage area in order to maintain product quality. Subsequently, the products are distributed by paying attention to quality and safety standards so that the products meet the customer needs with the same quality without undergoing any changes. Our distribution network covers industrial market and automotive market.


Idemitsu applies Global Quality Control System and High Quality Assurance Standards so we provide lubricants with the same quality throughout the world. The Idemitsu Indonesia factory produces world-class lubricants, both for the industrial and automotive market.


Quality, safety, and internal-external services are our priority to meet customer needs. We strive to maintain best service with good storage and delivery support, as well as the usage of a warehousing system. In term of storage method, we use standardized storage space by paying attention to the layout and implementation of the FIFO (First in First Out) system. In terms of shipping methods, we are supported by effective and efficient warehouse management capabilities and forklift equipment. Therefore, we are committed and consistent in keeping the products we distribute safely to consumers.